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Google Chrome for Windows description and functions

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Google Chrome: features and functions.

Free web browser developed by Google

Chrome latest stable version has been released

Google Chrome is indispensable

Chrome is a browser from Google that makes your Internet surfing handy, fast and safe. You can download Google Chrome for a few seconds, installation is also very quick.

A browser is a program for viewing web-pages, and its most important element is the interface. Chrome interface is very laconic. No wonder that many developers copy it.

Google web browser interface has minimal design: there aren't any buttons, bars, boxes or menus around. Window titles and the main menu are missed too. There are tabs at the top of the browser window. Below you can see the adress bar (Omnibox), some useful buttons: 'Add to favorites', 'Refresh the page', 'Baskspace'... and nothing else! Just workspace. However, the browser still stays multifunctional.

Let's start with Google Chrome!

  • Chrome is the easy to use browser. It has the compact interface that user can intuit easily.
  • Your Google+ account is already set on Chrome startup page - if you have such account for sure. If no, Chrome will offer you to sign up Google Plus.
  • It's also possible to access your Google account from the startup page.
  • The startup page also contains Gmail and Google Images services. Other Google services are hidden under the little square sign: YouTube, Google Maps, Google Docs, Google Translate etc. Services can be adjusted for your needs.
  • You can add all the bookmarks you'd like to save and manage them the way you like.
  • Chrome saves your 8 most visited sites thumbnails, so you can open them faster.

Tabs and windows

  • Every running tab on Chrome is a separate process. That's why it does not matter if a page is frozen - you still can work with others.
  • Helping to the separate processing in tabs an additional malware protection is provided.
  • You can rearrange tabs easily: reorder them or move into a new window.
  • Right mouse click on the tab opens a small menu with commands.

Google Chrome search

Google Chrome is not only a web browser, but also a search engine. Such usual interface element as a search window has disappeared. All these functions are in adress bar now, no matter if you type a website adress or a search term.

There is a special service called Google Suggest. It is an engine that predicts the search terms you are typing in omnibox. You can switch off this function anytime.

One more useful feature that saves your time is a searching in your browser data. If you remember any phrase you saw once somewhere on a website, just enter it and Chrome will show you that site and that page.

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